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Please make an appointment to visit. We don't currently have a single showroom, so you'll be treated to a complete tour of our facility. We can usually be available any day of the week as long as you plan in advance. Just give us a call or send an email.

Cart Details:
Weight: The average weight of each cart runs around 175 pounds
Dimensions: The carts measure approximately 48  x 28 , and the height of carts with the floral wheels are about 15" tall, and the industrial style wheels are about 16" tall. The height is based on the structure of the cart, and the way the axle attaches to the wood. The Floral wheels are smaller, resulting in a shorter table. We have a very small inventory of 30 x 60 inch carts and carts with more unusual dimensions.

During refurbishing, we attempt to keep the carts in as completely original condition as possible, only cleaner and nicer. We don't make any major changes to the carts; but we do take them apart and clean, sand, and polish all of the components, and put them back together in better condition. The original tops usually show their antiquity, with some checks and dings, but always in very good condition. Many of ours have the original "Lineberry, Wilkesboro N.C." stencil on the side, which we take care to clean but not damage or enhance; as well as cast into the cast iron wheels. Any changes we make which were not original to the carts are clearly noted.

'Balancing' or 'leveling' carts These carts were designed to move, and part of their design is a slight tilt from end to end, pivoting on the large center wheels. We level our carts using a non-permanent method, without resorting to 'freezing' the wheels in place by means of a set screw or weld. Every cart is different, and there may always be a very slight motion remaining in the table after leveling, but we get as close to perfect as we can without causing damage to the cart. We would be happy to discuss the options available, and what your preference is for your cart.

Original carts:
Unrefurbished (as-is) carts are also available for sale. They usually still have a rough surface, and may have remnants of the factory use, like drips of stain or paint, nails or staples. Price (as with the refurbished carts) is based on the details and scarcity of each individual cart.

We have stock of Lineberry, Nutting, Thomas, Globe, Hamilton, Charles Francis, Towsley, and more, though some are more scarce than others.

Original cart stencils:
The writing on the sides of the carts are all original. We do not fake or re-do the lettering. We sell carts with and without stencils, only as they were originally produced.

"Renovated" carts:
Some carts are also available with more modern touches: color hardware, new wooden tops, or marble, granite, mirror or glass tops. Custom inquiries are welcome.

Individual components and complete sets of hardware are also available. Most items are pictured on the parts page, and we also answer specific requests for specialty parts. All of the hardware parts we sell are the original cast iron.  We also have a selection of steel casters.

Price is determined by the individual details of each cart: the condition, appearance, and scarcity of each component, and makes each individual cart one-of-a-kind.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Paypal or Money Orders.  Please contact us by phone or e-mail to inquire about or reserve a cart.  If you have to leave a message, we will reply as soon as possible, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can also take orders by phone, fax or e-mail.

Carts are shipped by freight, and we charge the actual cost, which varies depending on where you are located. We work hard to keep the weight to a minimum, while still protecting the cart during shipping, and making it easy to unload. Shipping weight can run a total of 225 pounds including a shipping pallet and protective material. We recommend shipping to a business address, which keeps the cost down. A loading dock and forklift are not required, just a commercial address with someone to meet the driver. We pack the carts so they can be removed by hand, because lift gates and other options add to the shipping cost. Contact us for a quote.

We are also happy to use any shipping method that you would like to arrange. We ship from central Virginia (zip code 22922), and surrounding states can be as low as $180, and shipping to the west coast can be up to $395.

Pickup is also available upon request.

Parts can be shipped by Priority Mail, Express Mail, or UPS package service.

Reserving Carts:

We cannot hold any items until we receive a firm confirmation with payment details. The first one to put in a firm order is the first served.

Bulk purchase inquiries are welcome. Wholesale costs depend on the type of cart or parts. We can arrange discounted shipping for large shipments, or can discuss pickup or delivery options.  

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