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Lineberry NC551

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Your Price: $950.00
Lineberry factory cart coffee table with a dark walnut finish, polished cast iron, and a hand-painted number.
Part Number: NC551
Availability: In Stock
This is the cart you have been looking for! A great authentic stencil plus a bonus hand-painted number.  As part of a factory transfer, this working cart was labeled NC551. The cast iron hardware has been cleaned, polished, and sealed. The lack of a part number shows that this is one of the older antique carts in our collection. The original Oak top, with its rich texture of amazing knots and grain patterns, went through several rounds of sanding and sealing to produce a beautiful finish, with a dark walnut stain. If you've been
holding out for the perfect coffee table, the search is over - you have finally found it! Dimensions: 27 x 48 x 16

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