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Industrial Lineberry Cart Table 19052

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Lineberry factory cart with a factory stencil and teardrop shape wheels.
Part Number: 19052
Availability: In Stock
This cart has a little bonus.  Alongside the original Lineberry stencil, a custom factory stencil can be seen: Corbell Turning Work.  When your jealous friends ask you about your coffee table you can tell them exactly what this cart did in its previous life: assisting in the manufacture of decorative wood corbels. The original Oak top has a medium classic oak coloration.  The original Lineberry stencil is very dark, but the checks, scratches and knots really change its character. The cast iron hardware, with part numbers, has been polished. The wood top of this cart measures 27 inches wide by 48 inches long, and stands 16 inches tall.

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